What can i do for my mum?

My mum has been suffering from PD for a good 7 or 8 years. Her symptoms are getting worse. She has difficulties breathing and often wakes up suddenly in wee hours of the night due to the breathing difficulties. Otherwise, she will suddenly call for my dad to help her shift her legs or adjust the position of her hands as the rigidity of her limbs are getting worse. It is so heart wrenching to see her suffer like this. What can I do for her. Shall I buy a new buffed up pillow for her so that it helps her breathing ? Shall I sign her up for physiotherapy ? Please advise. Thanks !

Hi Littlehippo

Your Mum needs expert help.

Please ring the helpline and the Parkinson's nurse.

There are meds that can help overnight and bed aids that can be provided.

Don't suffer alone...there are people who can help yuo and your Mum to be more comfortable.




            Hello Littlehippo

                     The softest memory  foam mattress and pillows (2) gave me blessed relief in my struggles with parky also satin or silk sheets alow easier movement and prevent getting into a knot  this combination certainly worked for me, but make sure you choose the softest as they are graded.  I also purchased a ajustable bed which allows the optimum position for restful sleep

                                   I hope this works for your Mum

                                           Kindest Regards        Fed