What can I do to support?

I would appreciate advice on how I can support my brother with a diagnosis of Young Onset. He is very unwell at the moment and on a trial of drugs which will hopefully help control his symptoms and confirm his initial diagnosis. I, and a lot of my family are at a bit of a loss at how to support him. We tend to pick up on his anxiety and just feed off that. What can we do that will help him??
Thanks in advance for your responses.
Hello Iris11, Its good to see that you are supportive of your brother. It's difficult coming to terms with PD, but for the young it must be devastating to learn that they have a chronic condition. I do hope that this doesn't sound too patronizing...but PD is not a killer condition...your probably thinking 'what does this old goat know about young onset pd'. Quite frankly not a lot, but I have had it myself since I was 50 and that was 11 years ago.

I would say, just take each day as it comes, your brother just needs to know that he has your support. Personally I would find out as much about pd as I could, so that I had some level of understanding about what he is going through.

You don't say how old he is but once he finds a medication regime that suits him he probably will be able to a reasonable quality of life. I worked full time for many years in a very stressful job before I retired and I probably could have continued to do so if other circumstances hadn't entered the equation.

Personally I think that knowledge is my way of managing my condition, I find that it certainly helps me to understand just what going on in my body and it makes more sense of some of the things that my neuro is saying.

Would your brother be open to joining a young persons onset group, there are some around and I think that they may even have their own forum/chat groups.

I do hope this has helped, take care

Good advice Glenchass . Ever since my husband was diagnosed \\\\\\\\\\\\i done my best to search for any information I can find .
It does take some time to come to terms with this condition but as you said take it a day at a time .
Each day is different and each person is different butalso the same , if that makes sense .