What Car to choose

I am helping to look for a car for my father who now finds it increasingly difficult to get in and out of his current Honda Jazz. We need an automatic (my Mum is driving and she doesn't want to go back to a manual), a high seat, which is relatively flat (not a bucket style) which my father finds difficult to get in and out of, and enough easy access space to put in a wheelchair or mobility scooter should that be needed in the future. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you

I have just bought a Ford Fusion automatic, recently stopped production but still plenty about second-hand. The Ford B Max is its replacement The Ford Fusion is a popular Motability scheme choice. I chose it as my Skoda seat was aggravating my stiff hips and sciatica The seat is certainly more suitable than a Honda Jazz which was suggested as a possible. It is higher than most small cars and so does not have to have a bucket shape seat to accommodate taller people and the seat is horizontal. The boot is pretty big for a "small" car and has no sill over which you have to lift wheelchair etc.
We have a Ford C max automatic mainly for height and easy access for hubby. Plus large boot for his scooter. Easy to drive and we find very comfortable

My Citroen C3 Picasso automatic is a dream. Good hight for getting in and out of, a nice big panoramic windscreen and a fully adjustable driver's seat and steering
column. I don't know if there is a big enough boot for a mobility scooter but the split rear seats fold down to give plenty of space. Mine has the 1.6 engine so quite nippy acceleration.
hi pj

i have a nissan qashqi as i needed somthing on a slightly higher level so it makes it easy for me to get in and out as a low level car is very difficult to get out of for me, the seats are very comfortable and are very good for supporting the back mine is manuel but am sure you can get them in automatic i did have a nissan note before this one which might be a good one to go for for your dad, i will definetly be getting another qashqi when i renew my car i love them, good luck on whatever car you decide on. sue.