What did you drink. Tea or Coffee or both

Just wondering what people with parkinson's drunk before being diagnosed with Parkinson's. Tea or Coffee and at what percentage of each.
Tea .........20%

Instant coffee.....80%
I've always been a coffee drinker, tried tea but can't stand the taste. I used to drink coffee all through the day, however now I drink at the most two cups a day. Nowadays I tend to drink water most of the day and lemonade to take meds with because I've found it helps them kick in quicker.

I understand there is just as much caffeine in tea as in coffee. I found the following link which you may found of interest

I drank 100% coffee but now i dont enjoy it the same, drink 4o% coffee rest made up of cold drinks and drinking chocalate chris
Other than a glass of beer/lager now and then , ny husband generally drank water
I'd say 99% of the time I drank tea before being diagnosed, only drank coffee on the odd occasion, like others have said neither of them tastes the same now and I drink mainly water.
Primarily coffee 2 to 3 cups per day and still do. Occasionally tea if offered but rarely make it for myself.
100% black tea with milk - about 6 cups a day. I've tried green tea but I'm not a fan.

I think I've only ever had one cup of coffee in my life.
Coffee mainly ideally strong REAL coffee. Now keep to one or two cups a day as trying to be mega healthy but it does seem to kickstart my brain when I've got to work
Are you asking because you have a hunch it might be relevant?
Tea. Earl grey.
Tea, always tea, with a teaspoon of milk and loads of sweeteners.
I drink 100% green tea
Drink mainly tea with two sugars , do enjoy a nice coffee also.
Coffee, one proper cup at home then while I was working, several cups during the day as other people made it and the work tea was awful. Its more a social thing. Since stopping work I have one cup of decent proper coffee in the morning then water, mostly. Sometimes a cup of tea in the afternoon.