What do you think of Progress magazine?

Hello everyone

As you may have seen, the Winter 2012 issue of Progress - our free research magazine - came out last week. If you're a member of the charity you should have received it with your copy of the Parkinson - and if you're not a member you can download it for free on our website:


We're really keen to know what people affected by Parkinson's think of Progress magazine - is it interesting and informative, are we talking about the topics that matter to you, and crucially is it written in friendly and understandable language?

And we'd love to hear your ideas for future issues of the magazine.

So if you'd like to contribute please share your thoughts below and/or take our quick online survey:


And of course you can always contact the research team directly by emailing [email protected]

Thank you!
I think it is excellent - informative and easy to understand like all PD UK publications.
The picture on the front is nice.
It is very easy to read and has very easy English(no gobbley gook ).
It gives exactly the info you need - a very good touch was to add a picture of the researchers along with there projects.
It's very informative and doesn't patronise. I, and a group of other people with PD, agree it is excellent.
It is very clear and gives me hope for the future!
Please continue to inform us of any new developments and their definitive results.

As a member I received the Parkinson's and Progress magazines together. Then came the quandry; which to read first! Both give excellent information on good quality paper and easy-to-read print.

I finally chose 'Progress' and was delighted to read of so many projects covering every aspect of the difficulties encountered by PD patients and carers.

I have recently taken part in a few research trials being carried out locally at Bangor University and would encourage others to participate too.

Many thanks to all researchers worldwide who are working towards a cure.
i found the magazine easy to understand,and thats a big compliment comin from me mods,cus big words are a no no with me,as im sure ur aware by now.i think the storys in it were layed out well,and we were givern up to date info to this day,this is wot we need,and have been askin for,keep up the good work :smile:
I would like it even better if the front cover had the words

'Cure found for Parkinson's'

You never know, one day it might just happen, before i have to do my presentation for uni would be handy.

Next week????

Exellent publication! Everything is explained in layman's terms, although there is also some scientific content for those, like myself, with a science degree. The balance is just about right.