What drug to take to treat singing disorders

I have singing disorders as actually I've been able to sing songs but only in the matter when I actually did smoke some cannabis, but in the end I don't like to use it cause it isn't giving me good treatment after 2 days of use, i just get lazyer and lazyer. And I don't like to take drugs that give me more of feelings of drugness.

Actually i was able to record an song while on cannabis, I even recorded 2 similar voice tracks even when not actually have written down the words for the track. It was similar even for 1 hour in between the tracks, i cannot actually repeat that typo thing when I'm normal and i stop singing after just 10 seconds, it doesn't sound good enough even the flow is brutally bad.

So my question is what type of anti-parkinson drug i was able to treat this kind of disorder?, what can actually make me possible to concentrate on with so I can sing the song 2 times even 3 times with no help on what words I need to sing in. So the drug also need to work on memory patterns, and needs to work on singing possiblities, and concentration.

I'm not diagnosed parkinsonism yet, DaTScan will soon be performed to actually confirm this, and I also were able to find many of my symptoms related to parkinson staring mostly at age 20, and now I am 32 and still I believe I have parkinsonism, not actually parkinson disease, but yeah it's clearly that the sickness has not yet developed, but yeah I have listed 27 symptoms related to parkinson and I seek knowledge to what  kind of drugs have the abilitiy to make you sing again?


I dont know about 'what drugs' but i know i noticed in my local surgery practice t'other day a poster up on the wall as they have them about 'memory clinics', perhaps if your not wanting more feelings of druggyness this memory clinic  route might be for you, I do have PD myself and part of it for me is memory/thinking/concentration problems i might enquire about it myself once i'm back on track.

my neuro wanted too confirm or deny my symptoms via a datscan and as it was it confirmed on both sides of my brain.

best of luck.