What Happened To The Other 70% Of My Dopamine

Typically one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s after they have loss 70% of their Dopmaine. Yes everybody is different, but I chose this as a starting. The diagnose comes 5-10 years after the disease starts, estimated. I had that dead left arm for a while before I went in. In hind site there were other signs. Yes your body produces more than you need, how much I don’t know.

So what was the loosing 70% doing to my body that I am unaware of. Did it cause me to underperform in an unoticeable way at work and miss that pay raise. I don’t know, probably will never know but it still would be good to deter under stand

I don’t think there is an answer to that question, but it is one I find interesting too. Looking back, I had several accidents in the five years before I was diagnosed, which may have been due to clumsiness due to lack of dopamine. I’d struggled with lethargy, as well as having chronic constipation and lack of sense of smell for much longer than that, maybe as much as ten years.

In my case if I look back mine started around 53 yrs. old. PD is slow to change. I must have compensated physically to do my job at work. When you do figure out something is wrong and see the doctor. Mine told me your getting older, arthritic, your nerves are getting the best of you. So then you take some medicine for arthritic and live with the changes longer . When you hit that point where you mentally start making errors. You are slower compared to the others your age at work. Then trip and stumble. There is no more compensation.
The doctor then says something is wrong.

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