What happens next

Hi. Wife with Parkinson’s & several vertebral compression fractures. Around stage 4 I guess. Having trouble walking & needs help dressing, getting to toilet & preparing food etc. I am primary carer although I do have help a couple of days a week. Caring is almost 24/7. How do things progress from here? I don’t think I can manage much more caring particularly if she becomes even more disabled & unable to move around herself.

Hi noddir,

How did the compression fractures happen?
Was it a bad fall, a vehicle accident?
Perhaps her not being able to walk etc is as a result of the vertebra fractures.
What have the doctors said?

Hi. Clive. Sorry for the slow response. I have difficulty navigating the forum & am not receiving notifications. Fractures were a result of osteoporosis & simply moving a small table. Doctors determined that she was too frail for surgery.