What happens next

My mums been in hospital since Sunday after her a fall and is finding out she’s had PD since May21
What happens next ? No one seems to be telling us the next steps. She lives alone in a huge house with dangerous steps outside , no alterations in her house. She’s petrified of going back there. She keeps having flash backs of her lying there for 27 hours. It’s just not going to be possible.
Any advice would be great thanks

Good morning Della82 … I have Parkinson’s & live alone. I have been in hospital twice for a couple of days in the past few months. Before I was discharged from hospital I was seen & it was agreed that I was fit enough to look after myself & I got a discharge letter.

Sorry to hear your Mum had a fall, clearly it has been very stressful for her.
A lot will depend on how well your Mum is & whether she can look after herself.
Has she hurt herself? You don’t say.

I cannot imagine that they will release her unless she has recovered.

I’m sure you will speak to the hospital on her behalf & find out how she will be moving forward.

Best of luck.

Thanks Steve, she’s covered in bruises and can’t bend her ankles , very swollen . They’ve said physio are coming to put some boots on her feet to help the bend? Right now she’s lay in bed for 6 days straight. She is really weak but getting a little bit of movement each day but sometimes she can’t even hold her a cup :disappointed_relieved:Who makes the assessment whether she’s able to live alone ? If she can’t then what happens ??

Hello again Della82 … I know if I was in your Mum’s shoes I would want to be involved in the decision making as to where & how I should live. I would not like to be told by a non-related third party where I should spend what is left of my life.

There are lot’s of options for your Mum & I feel that she should get together with her family & talk these options through.

Her age, her health, her money & her mobility will point you in the directions she can go.

Best of luck.

Hi Della82,

they’ll do their best to get her mobile and rebuild her confidence. She’ll be assessed by a physio and an occupational therapist. There are adaptions that can potentially help her go home, such a pendant alarm that she can wear and call for help if she needs it. They will dicsuss with her and you (if your Mum is happy) about options. Don’t forget if she has just been diagnosed with PD she may be a lot better with medications (hopefully). Have a chat with the doctors/therapy team on the ward she’s on.


Hi Della 82 Why don;t you ask mum what she would like to do? then after she has told you take from there, if she still wants to stay in her house then it sounds she may need help. you could just point out a few things to her, like the steps and cleaning, windows, cooking garden ect, no one seems to mention the council (even though I have PD) at the time my mum was left on her own and some one told me to contact them. There is also age concern and don,t forget your local GP. please let us know how you get on.

Hi I’m so sorry your mums in hospital from a fall. Unfortunately falls are common with PD as we have found out recently. My husband has started having poor mobility & balance leading to falls. He fell & needed ambulance who got him to hospital for check up. They did a full assessment of him & sent an OT out to assess the house to look at improvements to help him. It was put in place very quickly & helped a lot. He is also very nervous & lost confidence due to falling just like your mum. I hope she improves & gets home soon. Good luck

Thanks for your replies. At the moment she still in hospital. Her upper movement has been great. She’s now brushing her teeth herself and eating on her own. I didn’t think I’d ever see that again to be honest. She’s assured me it wasn’t PD that made her fall. She had some silly flip flops on that her foot slid through but also had an infection in an open wound which she’s been on antibiotics for now 11 days and needs another 7 days. They’ve had her standing a few times with a frame and moved into a chair, all small steps. The physio have been brilliant, next steps will be getting her feet back to how they were ( they’ve seized up from the fall) with orthopaedic boots. They’ve mentioned a rehab place for 6 weeks too which sounds great for her to see how she copes and assess the home situation.
She’s been writing , drawing & found word searches , using her phone for online banking and texting - yes slower but that’s to be expected!
I really appreciate all your replies. The whole thing has been mind blowing not knowing where to turn. X