What have people found most helpful?


I am new here, and would like to change my profile name but it won't seem to let me.

Anyways, my Dad has had Parkinsons for the last 6 years and has been managing very well, but this last year things seemed to have become a lot more difficult. 

I was just wondering if anyone could let me know what changes, purchases or tips they found most useful...

Are there any really useful products that make life easier or things worth knowing about. 

I'm looking into Attendance Allowance, but would like to know how else I can help my dad.  Are there any products that really help in the kitchen?  or things that help with the morning routine of getting moving, which seems particularly arduous.

Just feeling a little overwhelmed and don't want to overwhelm my dad with lots of suggestions or ideas that aren't that great, so would just like to hear from any good experiences with anything!!

Many thanks in advance!


Hi BooHoo

Put "Tips and Hints" into the search box at the top of this page and it will taker you to the PD UK publication of that name.  which yo can download free.  All their publications are very clear although  I have not read this one.

Satin sheets and/or  pyjamas can help one manoeuvre out of bed. but obviously mind you have to  mind you don't slide out of bed  without intending to.

Electric toothbrush

The contactless debit and credit cards are a great help with shopping if your fingers jerk or do double/treble strokes.  Did the limit just go up from £20 to £30

As you may have learned PD takes a different course from person to person so it is difficult to say what is the greatest help  If you have noticed any particular difficulty its quite likely someone else on here can give you their solution


Best Wishes,

Hi BooHoo,


My post has just vanished but if you put Tips and Hints into the search box above it will take you to the link for the PD UK publication which you can download for free


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