What I have learned so far

I am still something of a newbie at this business, but made the list below and would be interested to know what other people would say they have learned, because I sense that will help me to deal with whatever is yet to come…

What I have learned to far…some things the hard way, some things yet to be put fully into practice because old habits die hard…

That you can and do get used to things

To allow plenty of extra time and then some

That there is no point being in a hurry, it only makes matters worse

That I have my limits and they are closer than I had imagined they might be

That it is hard to feel love for someone when you are totally frazzled and frustrated by what they have just done…but it is still there.

Most people are kind and are willing to help, even if that simply means minding their own business and not staring/ watching

Most people have their own stuff going on and are putting a brave face on, just like I am.

I cannot fool everyone all the time and sometimes it is best not to try to.

Help comes in unexpected ways from unexpected places

This moment will pass

Wait till 10 am before judging and deciding what kind of day it is going to be

Get more sleep

Get more sleep

Prioritise sleep over other apparent necessities

Get help in if you need to sleep more

Go away if needs be in order to get the sleep you need

Don’t treat sleep as a luxury or an optional extra

Don’t treat food as a luxury or an optional extra

Lower your expectations then you will often be pleasantly surprised instead of frustrated

Find a way of expressing how you feel, in sound, art, movement, to a person, the cat, a journal, the wall…whatever…just do it , every day.