What if? With Parkinson's

Here is a question for everyone.

If someone [say a medical expert] handed you an envelope & in the envelope was a letter laying out your medical future with Parkinson’s & other health issues.

How much life you had left & the health obstacles you will have to face.

Would you open the envelope & read the contents?

I know I would.


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I think I would also knowing that their thoughts arent necessarily facts

No question at all.
It would allow me to decide what I would like to do in whatever time I had left.

I’m a carer of my husband with advanced Parkinsons and I would love to get that envelope. It’s so hard not knowing if this is just 6 months or 2 years or more. I guess it’s because we are at the end of the journey - we had so many good years where he managed pretty well and I was his wife not carer. Now knowing would really help us plan. And I guess because we are experiencing lots of the worse symptoms it’s not scary anymore.