What is best 4 DBS,conscious or not

Anyone know if the DbS operation is more successful with the patient conscious or unconscious ?

Andy (Ojalahey)

I thought the patient had to be conscious for at least part of it, as they place the wires they need to know immediately how it is affecting you. I don't have any personal knowledge of this, just a memory of seeing it on film.

no you have not got to be conscious for any of the opperation at bristol southmead hospital,a state of the art robot guides the wires into position with in 0.2mm which is a strand of hair i wanted to be asleep for as did not fancy being awake i have had really good success from dbs no more shaking,tremors or dyskinesa it takes a while to get programme right & meds i am the best ive ever been nearly had for 5yrs just full of suprises the more you push & stay fit the better ! meaning push getting you amount of meds ,tweaking dbs right hope this helps

Ta Gus and Mosie for your replies.

Sounds like u (Gus) have had a good experience with the DBS (with general anesthetic not conscious) . Its just there has been no survey ever done on the 2 approaches so u have to ask around about it .  The american companies are quite keen on it i think but they are influenced more by market forces ie: the patient tends to want to be unconscious so thats what the health companies offer them . 

But the patient is not a clinician and doesnt know if its as good (or better) just that they woud rather be unconscious than awake !  I feel the same but if i thought it was beetter to be awake i would prefer that even if stressful .

But good to know that it has worked for you Gus.

I think the Americas still got the best surgery reinshaw this is the robotic theatre equipment and best dbs equipment Boston scientific