What is expected of me?

My dad lives alone and has had PD for 20ish years. My sister lives in Oz so can't help, dads sister lives 30 miles away and can help out, a few friends live close to him and neighbours look in on him. However it is going to be me who has to act when he cant look after himself and i don't know how that will pan out? I have a wife and toddler with another baby on the way, work full time and live 10 miles away. I get to him once a week, either go visit or invite him up to us. Not too sure what im trying to ask, just feel a bit awed by everything now that his symptoms are getting worse. I obviously want to look after him and make sure he is ok but my 1st duty has to be with with wife and kids. Just wondering if anyone else been in this situation and how they juggled it?

Hi Bigh1979,

i think I am qualified to give you an honest opinion from both sides here.  My dad has altzeimers, heart failure, copd, kidney failure and is profoundly deaf.  My mum has osteoarthritis and macular degeneration and is registered blind.  I would dearly love to do more for them, but they really are very proud and expect very little from me.....I have Parkinsons.  I have two grown up children and an 8month old granddaughter.  I do not and will not expect my children to make sacrifices for me, whatever stage of parkinsons I am at.  We are gifted in the uk to have a wonderful care system.  My mum and dad have carers visit twice daily, along with hot meals delivered.  My advice to you is to relax, make every day count and enjoy all of you're family, after all it's a short life.