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I am all new at this site and unfortunately the reason for this is my uncle (47years) who`s been diagnosed PD ten years ago. First there was hand shaking, then walking problems, and now there are pains in the back, talking problems, and he had to quit his job... He started with the usual drugs and now i don`t know if there is anything that he havent tried yet. The problem is that we live in Macedonia, a small country and his doctor is trying different therapies but i think that even she can not know which one is the best. So I want to find any specialist near our country who could give us other therapy and treatment. The disease is going fast and he is still young so the side effects like problems with talking, standing up, dressing up are making him nervous and this is why i find it useful to talk with someone who share my story, because i read all of you people and find it a little bit relief to know that people are not giving up. I want to bring my uncle`s smile back so i will stay active on this forum willing to share my experience. 

Hi Helene,

I hope someone will get back to you shortly. 

Everyone affected by Parkinson's is welcome to join in and chat on this forum. But if you are looking for Macedonian Parkinson's organisations, it might be an idea to contact the European Parkinson's Disease Association at http://www.epda.eu.com/en/about-the-epda/our-members/ They do not have a Macedonian member listed on their site but they may be able to put you in touch with someone through their contacts. 

I did a search but because of the Cyrillic script, I could only follow this through so far. I think the name of the organisation is: Основа на болест Пациентите Паркинсонов

I hope this helps. 

Welcome to our community. 


Ezinda, thank you very much for your answer. 

I wrote an email to the organisation and i`ll wait for an answer.


Hello Heleni

I`m not a doctor so I can`t comment on what medication would be best for your uncle but I wondered if some physiotherapy would help with his back pains.  Sometimes walking problems put strains on the back and the muscles can get tight and cause pain.

I hope you will get good news from the European Parkinson`s Association and wish you and your uncle all good wishes.