What is young-onset Parkinson's

Hi folks

I am 56 and diagnosed this year with ‘probably Parkinson’s - probable enough to change my driving licence :roll_eyes:’. Does that make too old for ‘young PD’ conversations’ - new to the forum and just trying to navigate my way around. Perhaps there is some formal definition? Happy for some pointers, and thoughts welcome…

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Hi James! Welcome to the forums. You’ll be happy to know it’s a welcoming and informative place with lots of lovely people. Feel free to look through our website at Parkinsons.UK while you’re checking out the forums, and enjoy getting to know us!

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My husband was diagnosed this year at 43 with young onset parkinson’s. Not 100% sure but I think it’s 50 or below. Horrible disease at any age. Keep positive and don’t let it change your life. You can adapt. Hopefully you are feeling well.

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