What Jobs Can A PD Sufferer Successfully Apply For / Do?

Hi. I wonder if other sufferers here have had success in acquiring new careers ? I am late forties and was diagnosed in the Summer with PD. Like many of you I’m sure, I am not as mentally quick as I was, I have tremor, really struggle with writing, fine movements on the right side are tricky. I am increasingly clumsy and stamina is on the wain. I am sure you all have some of these issues ? I struggle to see employers being prepared to employ an open about PD diagnosis person anyhow …but if they did, what are we able to actually do / train for etc ??
Serious suggestions please ? Any actual new career stories, as a PD sufferer yourself ??

Hi Dee, new career same employer so probably not the same for you. My job did involve lots of travelling 4 days out of 5. Before I go on Don’t put yourself down and look to what you can offer. No employer can actively discriminate on grounds of health so sell what you can do and see what happens.
In my case body is naff but thankfully my brain still functions and if anything better than ever before or perhaps that is because I am using more than before. I agreed a restructuring to my job and have continued doing that over the last 3 yrs. I still work in project management but not out Mon site or travelling to meetings all the time. I work in the project management office team so scheduling others, client liaison and lots of governance work. Keeps my mind active but importantly means I work 9 out of 10 days from home.
If you are still employed speak with your employer (with union rep if you want / need) and discuss restructuring.
Parkinson UK has lots of good advice on their website about working and your rights, so worth taking a look or call the Parkinson’s UK helpline.
Good luck in what ever direction you choose but please think about what you can give and not what you think you can’t do. :sunglasses:


Hi. I retired from a very full on job with lots of public speaking and leadership. This was just before I was diagnosed as I’d been several years with no diagnosis. At 56 I found a job with a small charity working mostly from home looking after the membership database and helping organise events. however more and more travel involved so stepped down. Then diagnosed. Found another job with a local charity looking after the membership for 18 hours a week. very low graded but enjoyable Then offered a bit of a promotion doing similar work but a bit more responsibility. Now doing 21 hours a week. Would not want to do more. Meant very large drop in salary but better quality of life.
Always been upfront about my Parkinson’s.
Definitely worth going to you local CVV (volunteering agency) and seeing what’s on offer. Many volunteering roles lead to new careers as many of my new colleagues demonstrate. Good luck. There is something out there for you.

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