What makes you feel good?

Hi everyone

In the next edition of The Parkinson, we will be including  an article about what makes people feel good and in control about their condition. We want to acknowledge the everyday things in life that people do to help themselves – the small but no less important achievements that people make, be it knitting some socks for their grandchild, writing letters to friends, being able to walk the dog that day – whatever it is that they aim for and feel better about when they do it.  

So, what makes you feel good? What do you do to take control of your life with Parkinson’s? What picks you up after a difficult day, perhaps? Do you have a daily goal?

If you have any comments or anything to say about this, then please could you email [email protected]

Many thanks


Hello Alex

                    When my wife re attaches Duodopa in the morning, 7 to 7.30 after 10 mins I am reborn, saved from the zombie like state,and depending upon the many variables of my average day, sometimes I am free of PD all day and other days are very bad, its important to remain calm when these attacks hit home,there is a boost button on the pump but I try not to use it too much, I feel I am becoming tolerant of the system so try to manage my intake of madopar capsules which I often need as back up, I find more and more my goal is to simply get through the day without a major shutdown or having to deal with black depression,that accompnies these  hits. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to message or e mail me.

                                                          Regards  FEDEX