What medication are you on

im on mirapxin and sinemet for my pd,along with mst and pregablin and parcetamol for pain,but thats to do with my back as well.but as far as mirapexin is,couple years ago i was on 8 and it caused me bad side effects,mind wise,im now on 3 aday,ok my pd mite not be controled as good ,but least i have a clear head.and as far as my sinemet is im happy with this,at first i never responded to it but as time went on they increased it for me,till they got the rite level for me,and im happy now with both my pd drugs.how about you?:smile:
Hi Ali j

I'm on 14 mg of Requip XL daily ,plus 200 mg of Madopar / Benserazide.

I should take 300 of M. But I have chosen to skip 1 capsule a day.

I was on 16 mg of Requip XL , after starting on 12 mg , but 16 was too strong so the doctor cut it back to 14, which is still a bit strong and can make me a bit light headed initially, but this wears off during the day.

I also take 30 m of Propanalol to help with the occasional tremor.

I'm finding that excercise helps more than meds at the moment but I will wait for a verdict on that as I've only really just started it seriously.


ali - how much sinemet are you on?

i am on 500mg madopar 10 mg selegiline and 2mg cabergoline.
I am also recently diagnosed with PD.

At the moment on:
Azilect 1mg daily
Sinemet plus 3 times daily.

Problems with walking,speech,siliva and constipation, just to cheer you up.
Sod having PD I will not let it ruin my life.
I am taking Requip XL 12mgs
I am on 16mg Requip XL and 4 Sinemet 125 and have been for @ 1 year but feel I need some adjustment as I am freezing more of late.
Seeing Neuro tomorrow---any advice would be appreciated.
personal opinion, but i would think twice about increasing requip over that amount especially if you have any signs of ocd. that probably leaves increasing sinemet, taking entacapone to increase the amount getting to the brain, or maob-i (eg azilect) to make it last longer. if the main problem is freezing, have you tried non-medical ways of coping? i dont have freezing so i can't say how effecftive they are.http://parkinsons.about.com/od/glossary/g/freezing.htm

i don't know why everyone taking levadopa isn't on a maob-i? any clarification of this would be appreciated. (ezinda? research?)
some 7 years after dx and aged 46 I am on Sinemet plus (100/25) 4 tabs per day.

I have been on a journey with Requip/Requip XL over the last 5 years that took me up to 18mg Requip/day then back down slowly, swapping to Requip XL and now I've almost cut it out. When I reached 4mg Requip XL per day it felt like I had woken from a bad dream of slightly befuddled thinking and compulsion.

I also take escitalopram 20mg/day to keep the black dog of depression at bay. Azilect/rasagiline should not be taken in combination with (some?) anti depressants and I expect that is the reason why many PWP don't use it.

hi ef
thats very true - there are lots of interactions with maob-is.

i felt the same way when i stopped amantadine, like coming out of fog into a sunny day. i can remember the instant it happened and i said to my wife something like 'hello i'm back.'
:cry::cry:Co-careldopa 25 100 three times a day . Depressed and pains in back of legs . But seeing Consultant at Dartmouth house on Wednesday .
Hi,Many thanks for your replies with particular appreciation to "Turnip"
Examination today suggests my condition has not altered that much in numerical terms,however, concern over fluid retention in feet /ankles indicated a change in medication could be beneficial.
I have to reduce requip to 14 mg and introduce 1 entacapone and possibly after 2 weeks reduce requip to 12mg and increase to 2 entacapone with a 3 month review.
I would point out that I had no input in this decision initially but having had the opportunity of researching the drugs beforehand enabled me to accept the decision with confidence.
Having said that I have an excellent Neurologist in whom I have complete trust.