What mimics parkinsons?

My neurologist seems sure about my diagnonis of parkinsons last year. however when i saw him two weeks ago he was surprised how aggressive it appears to be on one side only and said he would have expected it to also affect the left side too. he gave me a thorough examination and booked me in for a mri brain scan in two weeks to check for things that can mimic parkinsons. iwondered if anyone else had a similar experience or knows what kind of things mimic psarkinsons. he changed my medication from sinemet to stalevo, and i also take azilect, domperidone, rivastigmine, for pd.
pd is usually mostly one sided so it is a bit surprising.
there are dozens of diseases that are similar with prognosis ranging from the better to the much worse. My recommendation is not to look them up at this point and worry yourself sick about something that is unlikely to be the case.
get the scan, see your neuro - he is most likely to stick to pd.
good luck
hiya i dunna no if this helps or not,i have wot is called parkinisum, it mimics parkinsons.i have some parkinsons symtoms but also other things going on with me body as well,movement disorders,and dystonia.it hard to explain really,im only just gettin me head round it me self.i was treated for 11 years for parkinsons,then they decided it was parkinisum,which nocked me side wards.the brain is a funny thing really i guess.i had mri when first dx when said parkinsons to me.so i dunna no if mri will help you now.cus they were rong about my dx wernt they.i still get all the stiffness and the tremor,voice slured etc.o dear i beter stop riting now.its confusing ant it.and there was me thinkin this may help:rolling_eyes:
thanks for your replies, it does help a lot to hear from people who know what they are talking about. i guess ill just wait and see. x
Hi Pegasus,

Like turnip says a lot of things are similar to PD and it's best not to worry too much until you've had your scan and seen your neuro again. An MRI scan will not confirm a PD diagnosis only eliminate other things.

PD usually starts on one side, I'd say I only had a tremor on my right side for the first 6yrs but have always suffered with rigidity and slowness of movement although again mainly on my right side at first, PD is a movement disorder and sometimes meds can cause side effects like Dystonia and Dyskinesia.

I hope you get some answers soon, good luck!

Hi, I work outdoors and travel to some disease risk areas and I'm always wondering hopefully that I don't have PD. I did ask, however, a year ago for a Lyme disease blood test as the symptoms apparently mimic PD. I found that GPs didn't know much about it but my GP was happy that I have the test. So, it might be worth considering even just to eliminate.