WHAT MY SYMPTOMS TEACH ME: Problems with your coordination (also when walking)?

The walk means rhythm and two phases: support and swing.

Support phase symbolizes the strength, the depth of our motivations, the depth of our purpose. If this is weak, our support will probably be insecure.

It is noteworthy that the objective of every swing is taking the next step forward. It is just when our confidence takes place in life for our future. It is a phase where your body is vulnerable by having only one support.

Paradoxically, this vulnerability is necessary for our survival, and this is linked to our openness, our flexibility when thinking, our tolerance, and also our capacity to accept others and especially ourselves.

The walk is control. And this control is something similar to our will, our consciousness. If our motion is unstable, perhaps we have driven so far on the basis of false security, false determination. A defective motion is based on fear, however much we try to look firmness and conviction. In fact, we are actually frightened, and our gait reveals.

The march is balance, so it is not surprising that coordination improves in well-lit rooms. Light is a metaphor for consciousness: the more flexible our way of understanding is, the more open, the more inclusive, the greater our security becomes.

Therefore, if we have problems when walking, in the march, perhaps we should consider:

Do I accept myself insecure and vulnerable as the human being that I am, or do I always wear the mask of a (false) Superman?
Do I believe that everything settles just by doing things all time?
Am I able to relax, or do I need to be active to avoid thinking?
Are my beliefs deep enough, or are rooted in mental concepts that, by themselves, do not really mean anything to me?
Do I accept that I am afraid?
Do I trust in life? Do I trust people?

Come on. The march, like everything else, is a process of continuous change. No matter what symptoms you have: your margin of recovery is fortunately unlimited.

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