What proportion of victims of parkinson's end up needing to go into a care home?

the subject says it all: what proportion of victims of parkinson’s end up needing to go into a care home? what are the odds? are there any good statistics on this? for example, what percentage of parkinson’s victims 20 years after diagnosis need to enter a care home because their needs can not be met in their own home? does this differ for early onset parkinson’s?

Good evening parkiejoe … I don’t think that is a question that can be answered. Most people with Parkinson’s have other health issues [like me] & it is a combination of all these issues that put one in a care home as well as old age I’d guess.

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As Steve says it’s highly variable and depends on other illnesses as well as the PD. If someone has good social support they are less likely to need a care home, there are so many factors. I’m not aware of any stats for this.

Young onset PD is supposed to slower in progression but this is not true of all people.

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My husband had increasing symptoms of Parkinsons for about 20 years before he was diagnosed, as everything was always blamed by the medical profession on his diabetes type 1…proper diagnosis during Lockdown. Increasing memory problems, anxiety and paranoia were exacerbated by Lockdown. Finally diagnosed with dementia September 2023, 9 months ago. Rapid decline. Couldn’t be left even for an hour, and I was increasingly awake all night dealing with complications of abuse of diet and medication. Not sustainable. Now in hospital awaiting nursing home placement due to safeguarding risk to us both, lacks capacity to self manage medications and diet, and more practical and economical than care at home. Increasingly rapid decline over 25 years, at least partly due to lack of early intervention, wrong intervention, Lockdown conditions exacerbating problems and theresulting lack of any hospital appointments. He’s not yet 68, I turned 65 this week. It’s not pretty