What to say to grandchildren

Just when I thought I was having a really good spell at the moment with few symptoms, six year old granddaughter comes out with 'I've just noticed that your hand is shaking Nanny. Why?'

I muttered something about having a problem. She asked when it would stop and I said I didn't have it all the time.

Anyone else had to face this?
When my granddaughter asked what was wrong I told her that I had Parkinsons and just the basic facts. She wanted to know was I going to die . I told her that not for a very long time and that she wasn't to worry as I had no intentions of missing out on her growing up. Parkinsons UK have a very good booklet called grandmas got Parkinsons
Thanks for that Steph. The six year old is very into dying and death at the moment so I am surprised she didn't ask me. I will deffinitely get a copy of the booklet.

Have a good week
Hi to all

Agree booklet is very good.

We have 2 granddaughter's now 4 and 8. as o/h diagnosed 10 years ago they have both grown up with bampy with PD. From the 'mouth of babes 'as they say the little one a few months ago asked o/h why he walks like a monster sometimes lol she is not concerned just so matter of fact , initially he felt upset that she saw him in that but laughter in a way clears any tension. and it certainly is not said disrespectfully .
They are both really helpful o/h has a meds alarm to remind him when to take, they both get if for him and his dosette box they just accept that is the way it is .
Sadly the little one,s Dad died when she was only 8 months old and she is now struggling with Mum (my daughter) not coming back to collect her from nursery when she is at work and she talks about death quite a lot but she has never asked o/h about dying although he has been in hospital quite a lot lately, we don't always give kids credit, their minds work in very clever ways.

bubble x