What Type of Parkinson's?

Hi everyone,

My sister was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 1 year and a half ago. I'm not entirely sure what type of Parkinson's it is though. Her medication keeps getting put at a higher dosage and I think now they have said they are happy to stick with the current dosage. My sister experiences some stickiness in her legs, for example if she's in the kitchen and is wanting to get stuff done, it takes her a minute or two to get moving. When she sits on a chair and rests her leg on the stool in front, she always places her feet in a position where they're likely to fall off (like the very edge of the stool) - it looks really uncomfortable.

But the main thing I've recently noticed is that she has slight delusions/illusions - what's the proper word here? I've read a PDF on this attached to another discussion in the forum and they have said that this may be Dementia with Lewy Bodies.

What is this? Is it not Parkinsons?

Could I also ask (sorry if this is a separate question) but do Parkinsons sufferers tend to interrupt people when they are talking? I have found this a little with my sister and she didn't used to do this. Its almost like she needs to get all the information said before you can move on. Is this not related to Parkinsons? Sorry if that is irrelevant.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to reply. I'm quite nervous to hear the answers as I don't really talk to anyone about it, so I think this will be a bit of a relief to discuss.

Thank you....
some tricky questions there and I may answer them wrongly in which case hopefully someone will correct me.
I think what you are referring to is hallucinations - interpreting something as looking like something else? rather than paranoid delusions or confusion? if so it might just be an effect of the medication and not necessarily dementia. what do you mean by minor?
lewy body dementia is not very well defined or understood but is sort of half way between alzheimers and pd. there are various hints for diagnosing between pd and lbd, one is that the hallucinations tend to start at the same time as the movement problems in lbd but that isn't definite.
lbd tends to progress rather quickly. i wouldnt jump to the conclusion that your sister has lbd.
its quite confusing.
hope this helps a little.
My husband was always interrupting a conversation Still does But I realise now that he was changing the subject , probably/possibly ? because it was easier to ask a question or change the conversation than keep up with it .

Has anyone else noticed this .
Hello inquisitiveminder, and welcome,

Re your Q about PWP tending to interupt a conversation, I know myself to be guitly of this. I am tempted to think that I do so because if I do not express what is on my mind there and then, I will lose the thought and then spend time trying to retrieve my thoughts rather than listening to what others are saying. Hopefully, my interruption it is relevant to the conversation, but I realise that it may be irritating for others.
Whether or not this is related to my pd I really cannot say.
Hi Inquisitive Minder

Your sister may be having delusions/illusions as a result of the drugs she is taking especially if she is taking a dopamine agonist. However this needs to be mentioned to the neurologist or nurse. I had to come off Requip XL because of the same problem.

I also tend to interrupt conversations. I think it may possibly be to do with the PD.

Best wishes.
Hi, I too interrupt people whilst they are talking and it is something that I never did before.

I've been dx for 12 years now and my memory is beginning to fail me quite badly, I think that this is the cause of my irritating interruptions.I need to say what I am thinking as it comes into my head or it's gone within seconds. It's the only way I can take an active part in discussions and conversation now, so I guess for me it's part of the progression of PD.
Hi inquisitiveminder

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If you've not already seen, here is the definition of Dementia with Lewy Bodies on our website - http://bit.ly/Q9fs97 There is also a link to our information sheet on Lewy Bodies.

Here is a link to the Lewy Body Society's website - http://www.lewybody.org/

Hope some of this is useful.

Best wishes
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Hello everybody. I'm so sorry if it looks like I don't answer. I couldn't find the original post I sent but now that I've found it I'm blown away by the number of people who have answered! Thank you so so much for your help and support. I'm so greatful that you are happy to share your experiences.

Thank you to those of you who shared your experiences with interruptions - it's make it a lot clearer in my head. I'm sorry to say that at times I would get annoyed as I thought my sister wasn't really listening, but your perspective makes me think differently and understand that I should let her finish. I have noticed she forgets things now, which I think she realises. I don't want her to concentrate on that. Is there a way I can gently distract her from worrying about that?

I've noticed the hallucinations (thanks for correcting me there - that was what I meant!) come and go. She hasn't had them for a few months now but they seem to happen more when in the dark. But I suppose that makes sense.

Thanks again for your help. I hope I can learn enough to help out others in this forum but for now all I can offer is supportive cyber hugs


Have you looked at PUK's publications on this site. There is some great information there.

This might answer some of your questions about memory, personally i think we are all affected to a greater or lesser degree.

And this one

Glad you are looking out for your sister