What Wallet?

My friend has Parkinsons and she mentioned that one problem was getting her credit cards out of her purse/wallet. 

I would love to get her a wallet that is easy for her to use, as her tremor and fine motor skills are causing her some concern. Just so that when she is in a que at lunch she doesnt get so stressed and anxious. 

Is there one on the market with pockets and zips that are easier to use? 

Your help would be much appreciated, thank you!

If you type "aluminium credit card case"  into a Google box, you will see photos of hard credit card cases that are a bit like a glasses case,

. They click open and the cards are slotted into a sort of concertina with half sticking out.

They are so much easier to use than those piddling plastic ones with cards entirely in the thin plastic bit.

They cost £1.69 including postage!

I tried to post a link but it took me 6 goes to get a box to write in and then the link came out as gobbledygook.

Will try again later.

Hope this is not too garbled to help!




Hope this link shows you the wallet!

But it seems to have gone up a few pence!

Oh wow, thank you so much!

I am not sure if it will help her, but we can give it a go! 

I've already ordered it!