What we learned this week

It looks like we got it wrong with the way we handled things.

We recently banned a member of this forum for life and this led to a discussion around whether lifetime bans should be allowed. Some thought this is unfair given the important role of the forum for many people.

This community space belongs as much to its members as to Parkinson’s UK. At the same time moderators and our staff do have a duty of care to all of our members. We’re doing our best to balance this but sometimes make mistakes.

Conflicts between different views on this forum won't ever be completely resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Still, we want to have a space where we can talk about these issues without offence or aggression.

You may all know that there is a plan to re-launch this community in the next few months. This is not just a matter of technology, but we plan to take a look at the entire way the community runs and is managed. As a part of this, we’re reviewing our moderation, guidelines and what you think our house rules should be. For one, we in house would like to move away from policing the forum to supporting a community. Our old ways were no more fun for us than they were for you.

This recent discussion flagged up for us that the issue of lifetime bans is a very important one. We didn’t see this before but now we have a chance to take it on board. We want to talk about this further in the coming weeks.

We also learned that we need to be sharing more information about the process of changing the forum—and not in the dry way that we’ve been doing so far. We want you to be as excited about a new future for the forum as we are.

The truth is there have been a lot of bad times as well as good on this forum and there are some scars which we all need to address together if we’re to go forward. We need to rebuild trust between different groups and between people on the forum and moderators. We’re doing our best to find a way to do this and we hope that you’ll bear with us.

The forum team.
i would like to say thankyou for reconsidering the ban aginst one of our very dear members,it is time to move forward with the forum and the ways things are orgainized,moderators i do no now you see that us members and your selfs have to work togeather to make a happy forum work,and by moving forward now with puk i hope this will happin.personally i think the rules need to be layed out much clearer to the members,as i have dicussed this on the phone to you ezendia,a thread should be set up to let your members voice there opions about the way the forum is run,and for you moderaors should take note of everyones opion ,discuss it and move forward,rules should be there not to be broken ,but rules should be fair :smile:
I just want to thank the moderators for having the discussion and for the decision that they have come to. This forum is, as you say Ezinda, a lifeline for many people in particular those that may be housebound or having difficulties with drugs.

In some ways this hasn't been a wasted exercise as it has obviously given the Parkinson's UK staff the opportunity to contemplate some of the issues that we, who have this awful condition face. Whats that saying " Do not judge the man till you have walked a mile in his shoes"?

Thanks once again Ezinda and all who have been involved.

I want to add my thanks to the moderators for their considered response to the posts of the last few weeks.
Ezinda, although a moderator, posted supportive advice for me when I first found the forum along with Ray and many others. It was much appreciated.
Trying to understand how others with such differing experiences of having, or caring for sufferers of, Parkinsons feel is a struggle for all of us trapped in our own altered lives.
You know you have all my support in the Herculean task of creating a forum to provide for all who need it so much.
Dear Ezinda and all the moderators,

Two words spring to mind apon reading your response.....well done!

You have earned my total respect for the decision you reached. I hope this incident marks turning point for us all. I look forward to a better and more inclusive forum community, where we all RESPECT each other no matter how much we may disagree.

Best wishes
The great melting pot of thoughts has yielded a huge positive move forward in all areas.I am pleased that all points of view have been considered and hopefully the forum will blossom with renewed/changed implementations in place.
I echo blueeyes47,"well done".
All the best
Hi Folks

Looks like I got it wrong.

Apologies to everyone on the forum.

I said ROS would be back in a fortnight.

Cant win em all.

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Eee aaawlays calls me that.