What when the work runs out?


I've recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons - and this is all fairly new to me. Apart from treatments / surgery ( potential ) / medications, one of my chief concerns is my employment outlook.

Are there any government ( or other ) agencies that I should register with now before my situation becomes worse? I still have a large chunk of mortgage and if I can't work I can't pay...with all that that implies.

Basically should I register my condition / register disabled now in the prospect that I will be unable to A) get a job, B) be actually able to work. I'd rather see what my options are now before it becomes too bad!

I work on a freelance basis, with jobs lasting approx 3 to 4 months. Each job I get i have to be interviewed, and there will likely be up to 12 people after the same job. I find interviews somewhat stressful situations and it is these that bring on my tremors.

I'm concerned that I'll be bypassed for jobs because of this - and as word gets around ( it's a small world ) that I wont even get called for an interview.

What sort of help is out there for PD sufferers?

Many thanks - this is a bit of a worry to me!





If you cannot work due too your condition then you could apply for E.S.A for a start and if you wish then also P.I.P, i'm not sure how p.i.p works but it is a lengthy wait as others will tell you , but for e.s.a you can do this over the phone, you will  need a 'fit note' from your doctor too send too the d.w.p, 

, a complex form will be sent too you for you too fill in by the d.w.p, this is best done with some help, either your local disability advice service or your local  parkinson support worker will help you fill out this form, in either case they will be able too advise you fully on what your entitled too with your personal circumstances.




                         sea angler has got it right......thats where to start, you can claim ESA right away PIP only takes about 13 weeks from when the forms go in. Go on the links sea angler has given you for most of the info you need,theres loads of advice if you search this forum or you can speak to a support worker on Parkinsons UK


Thanks Billywhizz and sea angler - just the sort of feedback I need, as this is all very new to me, and in essence the is too much info on the net which can send you on all sorts of directions! I think I will book a session at Citezen's Advice and see what they say.

Many thanks!



Yes citizens advice,

But i'd also seek advice from your disability advice service(d.i.a.l) or local parkinsons support worker as well especially when filling out forms as they have too be worded in a correct way, in the way your illness effects you personally.

Also i don't know if you have been made aware or not, this being new too you asking about which Gov agencies too contact??.

if you are a driver?? having been diagnosed you have too contact the DVLA on your condition and your insurance company, if you are a driver the dvla will send you some forms, they'll then contact your neuro for more advice on your condition, and eventually some more forms will arrive over a 3 month+ time scale, if all goes well you should receive a short period driving license of 1-3 yrs.