What works for you guys ... advice wanted?

I am 58yrold male dx for 2 yrs (had it longer) ... I have been taking
MADOPAR 25/100 x3 perday for 2 yrs. I find it helps with the slowness/stiffness/coordination symptoms ... not much with the tiredness and not at all with the shake.

I manage to work part-time in IT largely because I can work from home and I keep up most of my hobbies though in a moderated way ... for example I play in a band but
I concentrate on singing as my guitar playing is now quite feeble. So basically I'm coping but only just .... any unexpoected peak in the demands on me make it very difficult to sustain things .... I feel like I'm on theedge of losing my ability to work (and to paly with the band ).... and as I get a lot from and thoroughly enjoy both these things I dont want to lose them.

My specialist thincks I'm doing OK and won't countenace trying any other drugs (like AOB inhibitors or Dopamine Agonists ..... but on the grounds that everyone is dfifferent (as they keep saying) and reacts differently to treatment I belive its
worth trying soemthoing else...;. if it doesnt work then just return to the previous position . I have asked for a 2nd opinion with another specilaist to look at this.

I would like to know what Drugs other PD people have taken on top of (or instead of) Madopar that have worked for you ..... any tips and recommendations gratefully received !


Andy (Ojalahey)
Glad you are getting a second opinion. Azilect and a dopamine agonist are the two things you may well be offered. They are completely different with different actions on the body but they should help and the DA may control your tremor as well.
A dopamine agonist could work well for the tremor, but you must realise that all drugs have their own side effects.....Maybe a bit more Madopar would do the trick?

Whatd does Azilect do ?

azilect is an mao-b inhibitor and stops mao-b from cleaning up old dopamine so extending the length of ldopa effect. selegeline is similar and much cheaper. i prefer selegeline which i think also helps with depression as maob also clear up other transmitters though to a lesser extent.
I am 65 coming up to 66 dx pd in 2001 at that time I was playing bass in a function band,you know the scene.Re medication I was taking a cocktail of Madopar and ropinorol with a selegeline on the tongue when I wake up.Six months ago my consultant suggested I try Stevolo in place of madopar mainly to cure "freezing" which it did but their are side effects.

As for advice KEEP UP THE MUSIC in whatever form,my local Parkinsons group is setting up s choir,we get together fortnightly,and it is great fun.
For what its worth, I take NEUPRO patches (rotigotine) after trying several other medications.

thanks for replies.

Sounds like the Specialist is suggesting a bit less (more spreadout) madopar(currnty 3X125mg) .... with a new drug ... soem sort of MAO-B inhibitor which he says "latest research" has shown to be better than DAgonists ....

We shall see . Glad to have the chnace tpo try soemthing new .
Have you downloaded a copy of drug treatment in Parkinsons from the publications section here. I have found it very useful in trying to make sense of the different medications.
Hope your med change helps.