What would bbe your miracle

Well its finally here itv What would be your miracle presented Emma Willis 28th Aprill  .im not saying it will be on this episode but it will be on one of them ie Miracle Deep Brain Stimulation Bristol Southmead brain centre.ITV 28TH APRILL 9PM-10PM.

One of three episodes

Hi Gus, 

Are you going to be on TV? I'd love to hear more about it! 




no sorry ! just my parkinsons movement specialist at nurse said they were filming it last time i went to see her last year at bristol brain centre where they carry out dbs. there are 3 series but i do not know which one.

Hi gus

I reckon a lot of us will be watching TV for the next 3 Thursday's curious about it thanks for your post or I would have missed it 

cheers Ian 

Hi everyone, 

We will be posting about this next week, so look out for that nearer the time. I think it'll be aired this coming Thursday 5th May. 


The ex marine that's on this show I've been told is related to my neibours at croftdue farm ???? Are you on this forum ??