What would you do?

Hi all @ the forum i am in a bit of a situation and need some advice serious advice .I have been dx for 9 yrs and am going for DBS i have had all the appts for it in London and just have to have some dental work done b4 it .My problem is i have been recently lumbered with a German Shepard dog and she is lovely but a bossy bitch and she wears me out but i took her in because my m8 stupidly went and bought her with him working full time nights and his wife is a teacher also they have 5 kids .So he sold her twice and both times she was brought back as they struggled with her (she just wernt having it ) so i tggk her in now she has calmed down alot since i have had her but she still pulls like a horse and can be a handful bbut she just about listens too me , Now i have come to the point where i have called RSPCA to see if they can rehome her but have heard if they dont rehome within 2 weeks they will put her down and thats the last thing i want but as my PD progresses i feel less and less able to handle her .My question is what would you do should i keep the dog or let her go .I hope this makes sense apologise for puntuation and spelling

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Hi penfold

i had a German Sheppard once long ago. she was a beautiful dog but not very bright. She pulled at times and I found a halti very handy is reducing this a bit. I can see you are in a very difficult situation, They are such a big strong breed but loving and loyal. However I think you do need to consider your own welfare too.

Should you decide to re home - I hear that the Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog to sleep. There’s also the blue cross to consider and I should imagine there’s a German Sheppard rescue somewhere that would specialise in re homing the breed with people familiar with it. I think, depending on age and character sometimes the police are interested in recruiting big dogs.
Wishing you the very best of luck with your quest. Your dog is very lucky to have finally landed with such a responsible owner. Daffy

Thanks Daffy i think i have a solution to my problem yesterday i got a call from a lady from yorkshire she lives on a farm and she is a fell walking nut case she loves GSDs and has had 20 yrs experiance when i told her about Hetty she is very excited she is coming out on Tuesday so will keep you posted

Sounds promising. Good luck tomorrow

Hi hope it all works out for you.