What would you do

Been" offered" redundancy  after 20 yrs take it or keep working

possibly loose out if deemed unfit down the line

love the job still ok to work 

benefits  sitting about would wreck my head

any one have similar quandary


 hello pmac

how old are you,just think you could do alot with that money while your still active,or could just sit and look at your money when your not active ! i know what i do if i was still fairly mobile and had pd ! enjoy while you can .smilefinished work last xmas because i had too not good! like i say enjoy life !

Hello Gus 

Thanks for the feed back  the more i think about it the more im coming to same conclusion

all best wishes for a good 2014



And you grab life while you can ! smileAnd the money !

Hi Pmac and Gus

I was preparing a rather lengthy answer a couple or three days ago to this really good question - which is very relevant to all of us, redundancy payout possibilities or not - when I heard of the death of dr jonny. As I was quoting him in my response I didn't feel like continuing.

And now, I think a much better response is to be had by re-reading one of his blogs: http://dialoguewithdisability.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/im-going-to-be-severely-disabled.html It doesn't of course, tell Pmac what to do - but I think it gives the framework in which you can make your decision and i can make mine. And like our journeys through PD they are likely to be different decisions. But, I think, better made thanks to jonny.


Grab it then semele, good blog!

Hi Pmac

i took voluntary redundancy at the age of 60 nearly three years ago.  I was diagnosed with PD last year so I had two years where the shadow of illness did not impact on me at all.  I have to say that I never once wished that I had stayed on at work.  I am extremely grateful that I had been given this time to do what I want even if it is only having that second cup of tea at breakfast and lingering at the table.  I did however have a clear idea of what I wanted to do and I think this made a big difference.  I have been able to meet up with friends for either walking or cinema sometimes both.  I have been able to spend more time doing art and crafts such as knitting and sewing and I have also got involved with community activities.  The big thing we have done however has been to travel with our campervan so this year we have been away for several trips to Europe and Britain.  I am keen to do as much of this as possible and the redundancy money helps. So it might be a good idea if you can formulate some plans for your free time around your interests so that instead of leaving something (work) you are gaining something.  You can still keep in touch with work colleagues but in my case this has confirmed my decision because working conditions in the current economic climate are not conducive to a happy workforce. I hope you are happy with your decision whatever it is.

Great read camargue

Hello to all of you and thanks for the comments,links etc 

PD is coming down the tracks no avoiding it just no idea how far or how fast.

good to read of your own experiences.

and Dr Johnny obviously thought deeply about the potential  and possibilities


I feel a bit like Morgan freeman in Shawshank redemption  after  20 + yrs

I'm institutionalised LOL 

I believe my mind is made up  

It's time to work on the bucket list 

off to sleep on it now 

thanks again