Whatever Happened To Cabergoline?

Hi all.

Remember Cabergoline, also known as Cabaser and Dostinex?

That notorious dopamine agonist which has destroyed so many families over the last dozen or so years by causing massive Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, particularly hypersexuality, uncontrollable gambling and breathtaking spending?

That drug named and shamed in numerous UK courts as the bringer of bankruptcy, divorce and total poverty and misery to countless poor souls and their families (including me and mine)?

That drug which fell into the group shown by the latest research (Feb 2011) to cause 24% (1 in 4) of patients taking it to suffer OCDs to wildly unpredictable degrees?

That drug which despite mountains of evidence to the contrary was denied by its manufacturers to have any effects on PwP other than to hugely relieve their Parkinson's symptoms?

That drug which has since been banned from the UK as an approved treatment for Parkinson's?

Well, take a look at the attached. You WILL be pleased!


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hi Ray,

Now that the bottom has fallen of parkinson's sales market, the drug company have switched to selling cabergoline (under the brand name of Dostinex) via the internet as a sexual enhancement pill? They even state the maximum safe dosage required to reach "sexual heaven" is 0.5mg every 4 days! When i was taking it for my PD, the maximum dose was 6mg a day! That's 48 times over the dose they say helps you reach sexual heaven. If that's the case then on 6mg a day, i must of been in sexual outer space !!!!

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Hi all.

A quick Google shows that ads for these products as super-duper libido enhancers are now all over the web - see selection of links below.

A few interesting points arise:

1. Cabergoline/Cabaser/Dostinex appear to have been marketed as a male sex enhancer for AT LEAST 8 years (i.e. since 2003);

2. One of the web sites kindly points out that cabergoline is a derivative of lysergic acid (LSD);

3. Since the "best" of our own tests produce a 1-in-4 hit rate for PwP on DAs experiencing OCDs (1-in-3 for young-onset), we can deduce that at best two-thirds of those who take these drugs for libido enhancement will be disappointed;

4. By the same token it seems reasonable to conclude that up to 1-in-3 customers innocently taking these drugs for "personal" use (which is, conveniently, a reason they wouldn't want to discuss should complications arise), will go on to have serious obsessive/compulsive disorders. Given that they're buying the drugs by mail order, you can be sure no-one will have discussed the risks with them.

This link mentions the LSD connection.

This looks like a public forum, but is really an advert.

This is just a mail order site trying to look like a pharmacy.

This ad is a golden oldie - it's been around for years.

This one tries to look like a semi-official document.

This looks like a press release, but has the same content.

This has the same content yet again, but looks like a scientific paper.

This is designed to look like a respectable pharmacy, but is just another mail order site. Note how it has craftily renamed Cabergoline as Cabgolin, presumably to avoid prying eyes like ours.

Well, I'm sure I'm being a little over-cynical here, and the drug companies are tirelessly working 100% towards altruistic objectives.

After all, no organisation would accept contributions from a drug producer who continued to market products which had been proven to inflict OCDs on 25% of patients. Or which, conversely, promised amazing sexual prowess, knowing that 75% of clients would be unaffected.

Would they?

Hi All

Also in early 2002 Pergolide was being touted on a website called "asiatour" .The article was entitled "Pergolide for sexual enhancement". They suggested a starting dose of 1/2 mg every 2 days.

This is also interesting



£8 million seems a reasonable claim, let's make that the standard for every UK sufferer.

cabergoline is alive and well and living in australia.
i have been put on 2mg and after a week it is powerful stuff.
i feel better than i have done in years.madopar alone was not enough, at least on the low doses i was on, and requip is too expensive, so cabrgoline it is.
its advertisements are accurate regarding alternative uses.

the big downside of course is will OCD arise. the aussie rules limit the dose to 2mg so perhaps that will be safe? time will tell. in the meantime i am mowing the lawn like it was 5 years ago (the grass is about that high).

also on selegeline which seems more effective than azilect.

Be very careful. I was on 1 mg a day of Cabaser and progressed to 2 mg. I too felt like a new man, however my life went very pear shaped very quickly. Not going to go into details, but it wasn't pretty. Just make sure that you have someone watching you and is aware of what to look for as far as OCDs go. I found Stalevo worked for me to a point, but it was the good old DBS that was my saviour. Otherwise, I wouldn't still be working. Going on 10 years since first diagnosed.

Take care of yourself and enjoy Armidale in summer (whatever that is!). These days you probably feel like you are back home, right!:wink:


thanks andy
i've taken the first step of telling mrs t that its a risk, whats worrying is that there was a temptation to not tell! i've been someway down this road before with requip, but as you know self knowledge is no defense.

the weather is appalling! but a bit of a chilly snap is quite nice (though this might have been taking things too far!)

if you are ever up this way give me a call, i would very much like to meet you (that sounds a bit too much like stalking!)

am about to write a poem about a blue tongued lizard (no doubt cabergoline induced)


Cabergoline/Cabaser/Dostinex was banned from being prescribed for PD in the UK not for its now clear OCD risks, but because it caused serious heart problems. I'd do a bit of research if I were you.

I was started on 0.5mg rising to 4mg, and the OCDs certainly had a firm hold of me by the time I was on 2mg.

One house, one career, one family, one divorce, one criminal court appearance, one stay in psychiatric observation, several nights in police custody, two suicide attempts and many hundreds of thousands of pounds of my and other people's money later, here I am. I now live in a rented slum with rats for company.

Yes, the old cabergoline certainly improved my mobility and made me happy and randy, but I'll be living with the aftermath forever. It looks fun now but not so clever when the bailiffs are in.

Take mighty good care my friend, and for God's sake tell your partner all about it. NOW.
i am sending this link to mrs so she knows whats up.
its like some warped folk tale where the frog is turned human but the spell can't last.
must admit to having the odd doubt about the doc, but the next nearest is 2 hours away.

in the meantime feeling good but on guard

thanks to all for the advice
have deleted my personal computer logon so now only share one with mrs whom i have told to check history regularly, we have a shared account (with not a lot in it!) and i will share credit card transactions. mrs, being of a legal bent, has asked for a letter to give permission to speak to neuro.
off course that doesnt mean i couldnt get sneaky later. what i ought to do is warn her of how i could get sneaky but i think that might be too much information for her. or is that me being sneaky to myself about being sneaky.
but then i dont actually have any compulsions at the moment and less than an episode just BEFORE taking cabergoline but reducing ropinerole.

sorry to go on but its good to write all this down.
From my recollections it wasn't the gambling, sex, deceit, etc per se, but the risk and the danger which excites the sufferer.

For example a DA/OCD gambler doesn't get off on the possibility of winning a fortune as much as on the danger and risk of losing one.

Similarly a secret cross-dresser wouldn't necessarily get excited by wearing the clothes, but by the risk and danger of getting caught, e.g. by someone noticing that they had strange attire on underneath their normal clothes.

Some get addicted to ANY kind of risk at all, so might be found driving dangerously, climbing to dangerous heights, goading large men into fighting, etc.

Good luck.
thanks Ray
Hi Turnip,

I have just attempted to send you a message, however the system tells me that you have chosen not to receive personal messages.

If I am to give you a call one day, are you the only "Turnip" in the Armidale phone book?? tic:laughing:

Conversely, I too would like to meet you, if you are ever in Sydney (where I work), or around the Central Coast (where I live), you can send me a message.


Anywhere near Hull, UK?

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Alas no. Nearest town Urulla. I can never pronounce it right. Oo-roolla. ooro-la. We went to the market there. Both stalls sold honey. The local dogs sit at the side of the road waiting to bark at the nest giant truck that passess through every hour. Kentucky is so small it disappears in the cracks of google street. First you see a sign' kentucky 100m' then a sign pointing the other way.
still on a dongle so must terminate there -no cheering!
no sign of ocd but the initial effectiveness is also wearing off. ah well.