What's a high dose?

I’m currently taking slow release pramiprexol 2,72mg each day and 20mg Amatreptyline at night. The medication keeps me at work but does not quite remove the tremour I have in my right arm. The neurologist offered to increase the dose of pramiprexcol but I declined. My thinking was that i should cope with as low dose as long as possible.

My question s what is a high dose of medication? I read that some people are taking over 20 tablets a day which seems a lot. I am 53 and diagnosed for 2 years,

Any advice on dosage etc would be gratefully received.

Hello Jim,
I am taking, among other things, Pramipexole retard (Sifrol) once a day, which I believe is the same thing. Still for the non retard version I see in the IfU that the lowest noticeable dosis is 0,264 and the standard dosis is 1,11, whereas the maximal dosis is 3,3.

For my i.e. the retard (slow release) version the dosage is 0,26 0,52 1,05 1,57 2,1 2,62 and 3,15 so you seem to be closer to the maximum.

I used to take the mid-size dosis of my pramipexole of 1,57, but I‘ve been told that this is too much for somebody a year after diagnosis (I was diagnosed at the age of 44), so I went back to the smaller dosis of 1,05, and I didn‘t feel well with it. Instead of going back I took one other additional medicine (amantadine) which helped me to go back to a good state of health while keeping the pramipexole level at 1,05.

The reason not to increase pramipexole quickly was (according to my neurologist) the fact than pramipexole in higher dosis can trigger addictions typical for PD (sex, gamble, shopping or eating), see also my post here

And yes, keeping the dosage as low as possible and taking only what is needed by listening to your body is what I keep doing and I really believe it helps me a lot!

Good luck!


NP idea what a high dose is ,but I take 1 every night for restless legs,but take Sarinamide with it for Parkinson’s as well.