Whats driving parkinsons.net/

"Welcome to What’s Driving Parkinson’s. We are a Parkinson’s research team based at King’s College, London, in the Institute of Psychiatry, and at the Maudsley and King’s College Hospitals. The work has been supported through the Psychiatry Research Trust for the last 10 years."

Sounds very much like Chewexpert's programme.

Hi Triexidee,

At last some research from the psychiatry angle in Parkinsons!
Good luck in your research!

Yes Trixidee

They have been researching for sometime now. It is not chewexpert though he quotes their work.
Will be looking in ..
Have just caught up with this and feel very ignorant. What is a chewexpert? Has anyone done any research in the use of CBT by PWP to alleviate anxiety and depression?

Chrissie w