Whats everyone up to today

There is nothing nicer than being with your grandhildren x enjoy your weekend .

Babs x

Well today is Friday. Just checking that you know that every one ha ha.

Today I’m off to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. To get my eyes fixed so that they open when they should…

When I was working I used to love Fridays but now it’s really just like any other day. Awe I hear you say.

THE WEEKEND CAN NOW BEGIN…so have a good one

Babs x x x

Andy and singing Gardner enjoy your weekend too hopefully it will be nice weather x x x

Hippy and Anne29

Have a good weekend and speak soon ,

Babs x x x

Sheila . Tractorman

Enjoy your weeekend and let us know what you are doing. X x x hoping the sun shines
That’s a very big hoping !!!

Babs x x x

Hi Babs,

Work as usual today, then tomorrow family tea at my sisters place in Hampshire, then Sunday a trip to Duxford air museum. Sunshine?..hmmmmmm… I think i can recall what that looks like!

Hope you all have a good weekend.



Waiting in for a parcel today, off out to the theatre tomorrow in town.

Hi Babs, hope the hospital appointment goes well. I’ve been staying with my 93 year old mum for the last few days but am back home today. She’s amazing - still fit and active and sharp as a button (is that even a saying or did I make it up?). I doubt I’ll make it to that age but here’s hoping!

Have a good weekend.


Hi Babs,
Looking after oldest granddaughter from 3 till tomorrow she’s 4 and a half,afraid grandad does most of the looking after,nothing planned for tomorrow,hope you get your eyes fixed ok,mine still closing .will c what the pd nurse says in 3 weeks. Have a nice weekend cheers Anne Duncan

Well that’s me back from hospital so all went well. Going for a sleep. Speak soon Babs x

Hope it all went well at the hospital babswood, it’s strange you have that problem and good that they have treatment for it.

Sun didn’t shine much down our way today, hubby was going to go fishing, thought I was having a day to myself, but he changed his mind. (shame lol)

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to (and go steady on the B&C’s)

Take care - Sheila xx

I have noticed recently that my right eye can get stuck at times but not in a sticky way if that makes sense.
More like it isn’t responding to a request to open.
My right is my affected side.
Could this be pd related?

Hi there

(I was told my eyes closing due to my Parkinsons.
Neurologist said that it is not very common.well today is another day and I can see everything due to the brilliant injection . So today is another day
So having a lazy day as off to a party tonight.
Have a good weekend to you all.

Babs x x x