Whats everyone up to today

Hi All Today is Thursday and i am having a lazy day A pyjamas day.
I am feeling tierd and having poblems with my eyes which keep closing when I don’t want them to.
It is really icy here in Scotland and very cold.
Snow still on the ground from yesterday.

So let’s know what every one else is up to.

Babs x x x

Hi Babs,

Just another day at work. Enjoying the spring sunshine beaming in through the window.



Hi there,
hoping the lovely sunshine will melt the snow and ice allowing me to get outside.
Thats great you are still working. I loved my job but had to give it up 1 year ago when I could no longer do my job.
well the sunshine usually puts most folk in a good mood.Enjoy your day.

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It’s sunny here in Essex too and I finally got out to do some gardening. Back in for lunch now and the tremors have decided to retriple their efforts as revenge for my active morning!

Hi there, thats what usually happens to me.The sun still shininhg here and has melted the snow so hopefully like this tomorrow and I will be able to get outside.

bye for now Babs x

We have a niece in the borders and she has been complaining about the snow! Hope you get better weather for a while at least.

I hope thing improve for you Babs and the weather warms up too.

Sunshine here so mucking out the family’s pony yard and popping the hay nets into the stable.

Best wishes

Well here are again another Monday.

Going out for lunch today with daughter in law and granddaughters. Looking forward to it.

What’s everyone else up to this fine Monday .
( just thinking myself cheery !!!):laughing::grinning::monkey_face:

Hope you have a great day with your family, babswood. I’ll be on my way home from a weekend with my daughter’s family - enjoying my grandson’s company. Was hoping to catch up in the garden but I think it’s going to rain all day.

We took our 2 yr old grand-daughter to local soft play area and had lunch there, she’s so good and a little angel we love her to bits, hubby was tired out running around after her, they both had a good sleep when we got back!

That was our Monday and we loved it!


Tuesday is back to work day for me.
As usual I am awake and on my phone.
Hopefully I’ll get another couple of hours before I leave and an hour when I get home.
All added together hopefully it will be enough.
It is supposed to be quite warm in this part of Spain today so I’ll need lots of fluids and lotion.
I’ll also need a hat as I have shaved my head over Easter :see_no_evil:
It is almost a year now since I told my workmates,95% of whom are women,that I have Parkinson’s.
Most have been really kind and understanding.
Kids are great and although I haven’t officially told them I think that they have noticed a change in me.
Unfortunately the boss is the one who will decide whether to keep my contract running after June.
It worries me.
A lot.
Thanks for reading.

Hi Hubby
Lucky you sunny day is what I dream of.
Hoping you get kept on at work.
Take Care Babs x x x

TeeHee don’t really know where to post to try and reach you Tee Hee. You have not been on here for a while
Both Sheila and myself are worried about you…
Also hope your Mum is doing okay as I know you had been busy with all her hospital appointments.

Please let us know love Babs x x x

Well today does not look too good weather wise.
So I’m thinking a lazy day for me.

When I’ve been out one Day i feel the next day I.need to rest.
Hope you all have a good day. X x x


Hi Babs,
I am the same I try and not do too much the day after I have had a busy day,doesn’t always work out but it definitely helps
Cheers Anne

Hi folks what are you all up to today.

I Am going to my daughter in laws to watch my granddaughters bake .My daughter in law is such a lovely person. She is off this week and is so thoughtful!!!
My friend who has been great with me and still sees me and nothing else is picking me up in her new car to take me for coffee.
On this day sitting here in.pjs feeling sorry for.myself… The phone rings and now I’m doing all this.
I know I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and a Brilliant friend.
So what’s everyone else doing and if it’s nothing what are you thinking as it is So good to talk or as we say in Scotland have a blether.!!!

Take Care aĺl and thank you too for being my friend.
Babs x x x

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Hi Babs
I’ll try to catch upon some sleep and listen to some calming music in the process (I find it easier to sleep in daylight, sat in my chair).
I’ve just shared the ‘Unite For Parkinsons’ video link with my family … I bet they were not even aware of this date.
I’ll also be surprised if it gets any media attention but there we go …we’ll see eh?
Enjoy your day.
Hippy x

Hi @Hippy,


Thank you so much for helping us spread awareness on the #UniteForParkinsons video. It is much appreciated! :blush:

Regarding media coverage, please feel free to visit the Unite For Parkinson’s website to view all the coverage we’ve received so far.

Best wishes,

Thanks Reah.

Love the song “I’m still here” … need to promote that worldwide.

Hippy x

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Had my 17 month old grandson from 9am-2pm today.
He’s worn me out but in a nice way.
Working tomorrow.
Four lessons of PE.