What's wrong with me!

Hi all, I've posted before on introductions about the problems I've been having but would really appreciate any advice on my situation. After an appointment with my gp and blood tests I was sent to see a neurologist. My GP suspected MS but the neurologist said more likely parkinsons. After an mri, datcan and more blood tests I was supposed to have a follow up appointment by mid April. My GP told me the test results appeared normal so I'm wondering if that's why I haven't received a follow up? Is it worth me paying to see the neurologist privately considering the negative results? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



Aw1 - Hi and welcome to the forum. You haven't mentioned any of your symptoms or how you feel, or if you have looked into your symptoms by googling them on the Parkinsons website and comparing them with the MS website. If you still have any doubt, it might be best to go back to your GP and speak to him. It seems you have had the right procedure for PD by having an MRI headscan and a Datscan, something would have shown up. but I'm not sure about MS. Go to see your GP again, or see if you can contact the neurologist's secretary to find if anything is in the pipeline for you

Good luck - Sheila

An MRI scan of the brain would show any of the typical lesions of MS present in the brain, though early on they may only be present in the spinal cord. These can also show on MRI, but a lumbar puncture can confirm the diagnosis. I've been there and done all that. A DATscan, if normal, excludes PD.

You need to see your GP to ask for another appointment with the neurologist. You may not have the conditions mentioned, but you've obviously got something wrong. 

Thanks for the replies and advice. My GP has contacted the hospital to try to hurry things along but to no avail. I've also spoken to the neuros secretary three times only to be told that they're behind with appointments-obviously! My symptoms are fatigue, aches and pains in all limbs, tingling and burning in right leg, frequent cramp in legs, numbness in right leg, masked face, excessive saliva, loss of sense of smell, weakness, left arm not swinging, slow walking, trouble sleeping. The symptoms point to either PD or MS but the test results obviously don't. Its all very confusing and frustrating.

Thanks again