Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Hi all,  Mum is 8 years into PD, and getting her in and out of our Fiat Panda from/to her wheelchair is getting hazardous.  I've looked at other options, and think that, given Mum's particular mobility difficulties, a modified van-type vehicle with lowered floor and a ramp would be the best thing for us.  I'm 60, but still find it very manageable to push her around in the wheelchair.

She has a Blue Badge, but the vehicle would not be solely used in ferrying her about, it would be my daily vehicle as well.

I live at 1200 feet, and Mum lives in a care home 7 miles away.  I find our Fiat Panda 4x4 very useful in winter, but I suppose a modified 4x4 is unlikely if not very expensive?

Has anyone any hints/tips/comments about such a vehicle please?  Is insurance (I'm the driver) easy to obtain, is it swingeingly expensive?  Are there any DVLC implications?

Any thoughts welcome, thank you.



    hi Deeky

                          just Google wheelchair accessible vehicles and lots of sites appear i don't know where you live but we just got one for my mum from a place near Blackpool


Thanks Billywhizz - I have the vehicle already, and a middleweight wheelchair that clips in securely - I think it’s Mum that isn’t held firmly enough in the chair (even though held in the chair with the safety belt).

Hi again Billywhizz - due to timing with postings, have just found your response was to my original post 3 years ago, apologies for any confusion.