When a TIA isn't a TIA

My father has had a Parkinson’s diagnosis for ten years, last week we had two ambulance trips after his carer and i witnessed what we thought were TIAs. However scans and a clinic afterwards show they were not TIAs and they have referred us back to his P consultant and nurse.

Has anyone else had similar experiences and can help guide our search for help on this?

Specifically over a few days he had epsiodes of poor balance, unco-ordination, slurred speech, vacant staring into space and lights, then on the last episode he was vacant and couldn’t speak in response to us and his eyes went weird and he didn’t know where he was. The carer was convinced it was a TIA and the ambulance crew did tests with enough evidence to suggest it was a stroke or TIA so he went to a specialist unit but apparently not. I’m relieved in one sense but also confused and sitting with more uncertainty


Hello charlieA, I must admit my first thought would be a TIA too.
It may be worth your ringing the helpline and see what they think, however I really do think that your best course is to speak to your father’s medical team and get a proper assessment done. I fully understand you are worried but trying to second guess what may have happened here, is unlikely to help you. You could end up convinced by what I or someone else thinks, start reading everything you can and end up even more worried and confused than you are now and based on no real evidence. Much better that you contact your father’s medical team asap and take it from there.
I know you were probably wanting some answers but in this instance I feel it’s best to err on the side of caution and get some proper advice. and take it from there.
I wish you well and please do come back and let know how your dad is doing in due course.

Hi Charlie

My dad experienced exactly the same symptoms and was in and out of hospital with suspected stroke/TIA. One time the medical doctor in A&E explained it as hyper-delirium and part of his PD. The last time he was admitted we were told it was a progression of his disease :cry:

The hospital advised a hospital avoidance be put into place so dad could be treated at home, as being in hospital he was more at risk of picking up infections and being immobilised in a hospital bed.

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My husband has these symptoms and has been told hd has a complex Parkinson’s. He suffers great pain in these attacks . Apparently it’s down time ,his meds drop out . He was in and out of A& E all this year. He now has an Apo pen , this mostly works within 6 mins without it he would be in a bad way for 2 to 3 hours. He’s also waiting to be assessed for deep brain stimulation.

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Interesting, thanks Lynne1. Hope that has worked for him.

Gosh Linda, this situation sounds really hard for both of you. Thanks for your input and best wishes to both of you, Charlie