When best to take meds?

Hello folks,

I am taking 6 mg of prolonged release ropinirole ( working up to 8 mg ). I have been taking the tablets at night before I go to bed. 

Is there a better time to take them or does it not make much difference.

I am feeling better since taking the tablets and wake up feeling pretty good, getting a bit weaker as the evening wears on.



I take 14 mg take slow release  ropinerol and take in morning as told when started on them . 

Sorry no idea if it makes a difference 

slow release tablets work for 12 hrs and normal meeds 4hrs..slow release people do not know how meds dosage into body that's why they are normally taking when asleep but can be taken during daytime but best at night

Hello Kairos


I've been told so many different things about slow release tablets! The theory seems to be that if you take them at the same time every day, you maintain a stable level of the stuff in your body and the actual time of taking doesn't matter. My experience is that if I take mine all in one go I see little twinkling lights for a while, when I take them in 2 doses four hours apart then I get the good effects without the lights. So I take 8mg at breakfast and 4mg at lunch.

best of luck in finding what suits you