When can I expect full benefits of Madopar?

Just beginning my 5th week of Madopar and building up to 125mg three times daily. Problem is I have experienced absolutely no noticeable benefits. In fact I think my symptoms have worsened. Can someone reassure me that the medication will work eventually. I am finding it mentally difficult coping with my diagnosis so any advice would be most welcome.

Hi boomerang your medication may not work you may try other meds before you see any benefit i take 3x sinemet a day been taking for 16months and i get no relief from my meds so ime trying atremoplus at 40.00 a bottle we are all different with pd ime left hand tremor dominate thats my symptom the golden treatment doesn’t work so your not on your own stay with it your meds may work it is early days for you calv60

thanks for reply. How do you find the atremoplus. I actually purchased a couple of bottles but am wondering if it will interact with the madopar. I have heard excellent reports about it,

Hi at the moment ive only just started the atremoplus so no difference as of yet will know more in a week or so

Hi i have been on atremoplus for a week still no difference with my symptoms wot ever i try or take medication wise my symptoms stay the same no improvement wot so ever tremor still the same looks like no relief lol i might have a parkinsons symptom but it hasn’t got me lol

Maybe it will take longer to feel benefits. Have you tried medical cannabis?

Hi boomerang no i haven’t

Hi everyone looks like atremoplus is slightly working gives me a little more energy as for tremor no difference so we plod on

Hi calv, plodding on is a good way of putting it. I have read some great reports about atremoplus but it is quite expensive. How much of it are you taking? my problem seems to be my right leg and foot which seems to weigh a ton so my walking gait is affected. I was hoping the medication might alleviate the problem but it is still early days (week 6) and I have only been taking the maximum dose about a week. ( 125mg three times a day). Night time is a disaster because I cannot get comfortable and I am experiencing restless legs syndrome into the mix. So I am fairly exhausted throughout the day. If only I could get a good night’s sleep it would work wonders for my mood. I am tempted to go down the temazepam route to get some relief. AS well as that I have been quite anxious and catastrophise about the future even though my neurologist said he wasn’t worried about me, whatever that means? I suppose there are many levels on the Parkinson’s spectrum.

Hi boomerang the cost of atremoplus is£50 per bottle lasts about 2wks i still take my pd medication sinemet 3 times a day atremoplus 2times a day with yogurt my tremor is still dominate sorry to hear you not getting relief from meds

Hello boomerang i have been on atremoplus for 2wks i have no relief from my tremor i will not be taking atremoplus again my meds don’t work so ime where i started other options are botox injection for my tremor ultrasound also for tremor and deepbrain stimulation but it is a waiting game due to covid got telephone appointment on 20th may so i will ask questions again see where we go from here

Sorry to hear the atremoplus is not working. Maybe it takes several weeks to take effect. My problem at the moment are my feet which seem to be in a continual state of spasm and tightening like sensation. It’s affecting my sleep big time. I was hoping the Madopar might alleviate the problem, (6th week of taking med, 2 weeks on therapeutic dosage- 125mg 3 times daily) Maybe I need to be more patient! Any suggestions?