WHEN do you take your drugs

I'm on Azilect and Stalevo. I have very definite off and on periods where I feel a bit better after having taken my drugs for a few hours. The question is this :-

Can you 'save up' your daily tablets and take them when you are more likely to need them? I don't mean take all 4 four at once but can you take relatively more in the evening if you have an social to look forward to.

My 'on' time is about 3 hours, which isn't really enough for most social events. After that I get tired and sore and shaky and want to go home.

I've never dared to take another tablet during the evening.

Has anyone got any thoughts?

Hi spam95
Have you asked your consultant/nurse about taking your meds at a different time? I myself take Requip XL slow release, I used to take it early morning but found by 5pm i was falling asleep. After talking to my consultant i now take it before going to bed and i feel much more alert in the day. I also take amantadine 100mg morning & night, over Christmas my pd was really bad & in order to use my left side i resorted to taking my evening meds 3 hours earlier. I noticed a big improvement within an hour! I also take other anxiety drugs, beta blockers & thyroxine so its hard to keep a track on what's helping what symptoms!I hope you get sorted.

Big C

Hi Spam95, I think it definitely is worth talking to your consultant. My h was taking his LDopa 3 times a day and the consultant has kept him on the same dose but split it into smaller amounts, so he takes it 6 times a day and it does seem to work better this way.Wouldnt just change it yourself though. love Sunray

hi spam 95:smile:my meds are taken 6am,mirapexon,sinemet,pregabalin,and then other drugs for other conditon.then at 8 i have 50mg morphine,msts.but by 10am im noddin ,head feels so tired and me body is becomin off period,i then have me pd meds agin half 10am,then by 2pm comes im ready for more,i then go for a sleep for hour or so,when havin dinner im noddin agin and off period causin probs to eat and then dont feel like havin much,meds agin at 6pm,morphine 50mg 8pm and then by 9 half nine off period ,pd meds and amterlipterine 10pm then bed.thats my day for ya spam 95.i feel that if i was to move me meds about i would feel worse,cus i have to have the msts,and would be worried of messin me more up than i feel at mo,if you understand that spam95.so no i would not move my meds around.but i do no some people who dable around with theres to suit there daily life ,on and off periods,i think it best to speak with ur neuro or pd nurse who nows you more and discuss it with you ,expalin how you feel wot wot u would like to do,i hope spam 95 it all works out for you and you feel much more comphy with ur self,and you can have longer time for social time,good luck:smile:

My impression is that taking the medication as and when needed is not a good idea. This could bring on the dreaded dyskinesias at an earlier stage, I think.
You are meant to take the PD medication at regular intervals at the same time each day. When you first start on a drug you can adjust the times to fit into your daily routine, but evenly spread it is the most effective. That's probably why people on Duodopa (pump) are doing so well. The drugs are meant to make life more bearable, so it is important to get it right. Ask the neurologist in detail about when and what to take/to expect and how much flexibility in dose and frequency he/she will allow you , so you can try out and eventually find the best treatment for you personally. The patient(sometimes the carer too) are the best judges of a successful drug regime.

Hi Spam 95,
Your meds should be effective over the whole working day (say 7 till 11), but get used to the idea that they aren't going to last well into the evening. If lasting only 3 hours per, you might need a higher dose. Speak to your Consultant next chance you get.
Recommend you do NOT take extra without your GP/Parkinson's Nurse/Consultant's approval.
Best wishes - haltonapp

Anyone find of those on requip like myself 3mg four times a day, that in the afternoon you may have a tendency to nod off alot. Well the pd consultant asked me if I drive,of which I.m fine.But??? in September when i will be 73, I get reassessed for another 3 years with the jolly DVLA.My GP usually takes care of that but I am concerned my dosage might affect my driving assessment. Let me say ,it bloody well doesn't, day or night.Thank God I hope I may have reduced the requip by the above time.Sorry if I digress but it was something that came to mind.