When even a Doctor has no idea

Had an out of hours appointment at a local infirmary with a duty doctor for an infected insect bite which needed antibiotics. I had to list my medication taken and what conditions I had. He expressed surprise when I said I was on Sinamet for Parkinson's. " I wouldn't have known you must only have it mild" he said. "Who diagnosed it your Doctor?" He looked surprised again when I said a neurologist. He then got hold of my left hand and arm and started bending it. I told him my left side was fine it was my right side affected. " what just one side?" even more surprise from him. " Do you have vivid dreams"  again more surprise when I said no. I was left feeling he thought there was no way I had Parkinson's and I can't begin to imagine what his idea of PD actually is. If I didn't have faith in my neurologist he could have left me feeling a fake and a fraud. Instead I left feeling more annoyed and rather sad realising what an uphill struggle we have when even the medical profession is so ignorant of PD


yes I can't agree more, apart from my hubby's close and supportive circle of friends I often feel that people don't understand how unwell this condition can make you feel and how reliant you are on medication, even with his meds my hubby says that he never feels as he used to and this is exasperated by people who even say to him how well he looks, they don't see him a 6am in the morning when he is attempting to make an effort to go to work



Many don't realise we had PD Kamini, but perhaps that is Thanks to the medication and to be fair it might be the case he was exploring the extent of your PD because visual observation didnt give him much to go on so asking questions does we are each different, I am left dominant effected those i am effected both sides  and yes i suffer vivid dreams long before i was diagnosed.

it's the Public we need to see PD on the whole although some Gp's could be better instead of just ref to the screen infront of them whilst looking through pills to give them a answer they have to refer again next time we visit, I have had public comments such as "you look so well', "you cant be your not old enough", "you must be better today your not shaking as much" and my all time fave ''do you suffer from the drink''.

Hi sea angler

yes I think public education is vital, to be fair before my hubby had PD  always thought the disease was an old persons illness where they shook and couldn't control their walking, I think public awareness is key, particularly with regard to the debilitating non motor symptoms that accompany this condition 


Dear Kamini,

I had been unable to keep my food down and so I visited a clinic where I was asked what medications I was taking and what conditions had been diagnosed.

The Doctor seemed surprised that I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and he started bending my arms and wrists, asking me to follow his hand with my eyes without moving my head. He forgot about why I was there (throwing up) and said he thought I may have AIDS not Parkinson's, he wanted to run some tests. I politely refused and suggested he contact my Neurologist.

I felt as though he did not believe me.

Take care,



Most GP's are just pill pushers

Most Neurologists are just rich pill pushers

And I'm the best patient on the planet!evil