When Hope Fades

Right now, this very minute I am 95% mobile, its cold out and I have a Hospital visit at 2pm, its a bit of a pain in the backside as I cannot tolerate the cold
now, but if I still feel as good as this I will sail through with no trouble.
However Blackheart (PD) can attack without warning and cause 99% disability in
just a few minutes, I do have a early warning system built in which forwarn s of
me , but often if I am enjoying my freedom visiting friends or family I miss the warnings, tingling in my toes and fingers, slurring of speech and my head begins to fill with sand, and its too late, I have past the rescue mode and collapse is inevitable, wouldn't you think after 14yrs I would have learned my lesson,for once Parky has me down it always makes the most of my vulnerability and gives me a good kicking, all is black all hope gone lost in mid Atlantic in a savage storm
Endure Endeavor to Endure I fight and fight,I would welcome death at this lowest of low ebbs, but no no I must Endure , just when all seems lost I feel in my head
a strange low level ,well its rather the same sort of mild exilltheeration I feel when the big 757s Engines power up taking me on Holiday ,the feeling is good and
hope returns ,I sleep a while and when I awake, normal service is resumed and
life is good again, does this sound familiar friends.
Regards to All fedexlike