When the drugs don't work

I’m finding my meds longer work most of the time. I’m in pain most of the time.

I’ve mentioned this to two Parkinson’s nurses who both said I’m already on ridiculously high meds. Whereas my neurologist simply says to ignore the nurses and take more meds. But often they don’t work and I suffer with side effects of dopamine overload.

I’ve tried neurophen and paracetemol with no relief. Is there anything stronger that works? I’m dreading each day with pain.

Any thoughts?

Sorry to hear all this ShakyCJ. Since I was diagnosed (in 2010) I have lived in 4 different places. The treatment and advice you get in different places can be frighteningly different. Do you know if your neurologist is a Parkinsons specialist or perhaps something else? Over prescribing of drugs can cause problems that feel the same as drugs not working. Is it possible to go back to one of the Parkinsons nurses and beg for their help? Try the helpline and ask to speak to a Parkinsons nurse. What drugs are you taking, have you always had the same one or have different ones been tried? The people on the helpline are very good, and talking through all of it with them is probably your best place to start. Best of luck.