When to go abroad after dbs

lhad dbs in August and im getting switched on on sept 19th. We were planning a holiday abroad on the 10th oct for 10 days .l dont know ifthat will be too soon or if i should be ok ?

Hi @helcox,

I can see why you are a little concerned and so I’d encourage you to speak to your GP or Parkinson’s nurse about this. I’m sure you’ll hear from members from the forum community soon, however in the meantime, you can speak to one of our friendly advisers who have a wealth of knowledge on DBS and can offer you more information and support on this.

Feel free to give us a call via our confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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Wife had DBS fitted 3 years ago and has had PD 11 yr. All our local Drs tell us they don’t know much PD and even less about DBS. If wife has any problems or needs advice she calls her Parkinson’s Specialist Surgical Nurse as she set her DBS stimulation levels up. The hospital also has a PD Helpdesk she can call for a call back.

Hi there,

My wife had the DBS in 2013 and we went to New York a month after being switched on and she was perfectly fine.

A couple of tips would be when you get to security ask them for a manual pat down if you don’t mind so you do not need to go through the scanner but saying that the scanners nowadays are less strong as a mobile phone or security scanners in shops so in theory you should be fine. The second tip would be take your remote for your DBS on the slight chance of it being switched off.

Having DBS fitted shouldn’t stop you travelling I hope this helps you and i hope you have a great holiday.

Good Luck