When to take Ropinirole XL

My wife takes Ropinirole XL 8 mg at breakfast time. Some days she feels queasy until early afternoon. We wondered if taking it before  bed might be a better option. What time do others take this type of medication?


Personally, would not take it at all. Right now on our third attempt to lower the dose with fingers crossed that this time it will be successful. However, to answer your question, it was taken in the morning. As it is supposed to be slow release, one a day,maybe the timing is not important . Motilium helps with queasiness and, once the body gets used to the medication my OH found that they could do without the Motilium.

Phone you neurologist or Parkinsons nurse for expert advice.



I have to agree with Benji.........wouldn't take it at all. Tried it and gradually went up to taking 12mg., with horrible results, so slowly came off it. So much better now I'm on Madopar. I took the slow release Ropinirole in the morning too.

However, it does suit some people, so if it's helping your wife, continue it, but get advice for the queasiness.


Hi John2905, I take 6mg Ropinerol XL in the morning, one hour after eating. Pd nurse suggested this. Ginger helps the nausea but this should lessen as your wife gets used to it. I know lots of people don't get on with this medication and for good reason. At the moment it's working for me but my husband and I are keeping an eye in any adverse reactions. I hope this helps.

Many thanks for your comments. My wife is going to stick with the morning until see next sees her consultant.