Ok I know this post is useless and helping nobody but I can't help but ask seriously when are they going to get a cure for this shit disease? I can't watch my mum suffer anymore ... This pain we as a family and she especially is enduring is too much. Sorry if I'm upsetting anyone it's not my intention .. Just when?

Its true there's no cure but the pallaiative care can be good.  I find the Levodopa + ropinerole (dopamne agonist) help me physically whilst counselling helps me get a positive attitude.  I have hard times but good too.

I have had it 6 years ,  how long has your mom had it , whats her drug regime, and how is it affecting her physically and mentally.

‚Äč A book i'd recoomend is 'SO I've got parkinsons' by Terry Rummins ...  its shortish , simple and makes a lot of good points about PD ...  its written when she had had PD for about 6 yrs i think.

Not in our lifetime, unfortunately.

Over 18 years since my OH was diagnosed, at an early age, and, despite all the money put into research, nowhere nearer a cure, let alone a better control of symptoms than the gold standard Levodopa from  years ago.cry

My mum has been diagnosed 7 years. 4 sinmet a day. It has wrecked her; no balance anymore thus can't walk and memory is disappearing. I could go in but it's so truly depressing I don't want to...I wish anyone on this journey well. From being diagnosed I have everyday without fail read the research ....all on mice, fruit flies... Maybes, could be, perhaps... Zero answers. It makes you realize that we know nothing about the human body and its biology. Nothing. I was excited about nilotinib but again... Maybe, perhaps and if it does anything you are looking at 5 years before you see it by the time it bypasses the red tape etc.. And the chances it does anything at all.. Uff.

im happy others are more upbeat than me cause God knows we truly need a help big time.

apologies again I'm just feeling it