Where am I?

Although fairly recently diagnosed I may have had Parkinson’s for a few years.
I have seen all the stuff about the different levels of pd and I wonder where I am at and how strong the meds I am taking are.
I take one azilect, one mirapexin and one sinemet when I wake up.
I then take another sinemet in the afternoon and another in the early evening.
As I have said, I live in Spain and have done for 15 years. I have always found the Spanish NHS excellent but it would be interesting to compare treatments against those back in the uk.

Hi there

I have had PD for 5 years and I take 1 rasagaline , 1 Sinimet, 1 entacapone.in the morning at 6 am and then 1 entacapone, 1 Sinimet at 9 am then 12, then 4, then 7 30 -8 then bed at 9 as I am usually shattered.

Hope to speak again
Babs x

I have been diagnosed for 6 years and take 1 selegeline 10mg,1 dispersable madapor 62.5mg and 5 Madopar 187.5 and finally 2 cr Madopar at bedtime this is a lot of levadopa but so far no major problems.
Cheers Anne

Hi - I’ve had PD for eight years and the meds I’m on are MORNING = 18mg Ropinirole, 125mg Sinemet, LUNCH = 125mg Sinemet EVENING = 125mg Sinemet.