Where am I?

I keep hearing and reading about the five stages of Parkinsons.
So where am I at?
I’M 58 years old and I have probably had this disease for around five years.
I have been a professional sportsperson all m y working life. Something that may have to change very soon
I have lived in Spain for 15 years and now regard it as my home.
I pee a lot.
I am always tired/lethargic.
I have put on weight
I have swollen legs, ankles, hands.
I can barely write legibly.
My sight has worsened.
My sleep pattern is all over the place.
I dribble/drool at night. Sometimes during the day.
I forget basic things.
I have trouble walking.
I daydream.
I can’t turn over in bed.
Getting out of a chair is difficult.
I get heartburn.
I have no interest in sex.
I like to be alone a lot.
My voice is very soft.
I am walking with a limp.
I have no strength
I have no stamina.
I hate confrontation/arguing.
I get frightened easily.
I feel dizzy/woozy a lot.

How much is due to the drugs??
How much is due to the Parkinsons??


I’m with you on this! All so familiar!

It’s like we all just accept everything.
We suff the drugs down our throats, zombie our way through the day, stay awake half the night, live with our minds in a permanent fog and nobody tells us anything